Then, an excruciating din interrupts their conversation, so loud they have no choice but to cover their ears.  In less time than it takes to write these words, Labaguette dives inside the Captain’s jacket, into his favourite pocket, traumatised, muttering to himself that from now on, he’ll never attempt to be a hero ever again.  “I’m a bird, I’m a bird, I’m a parrot and I shall remain a bird,” he whispers, almost convincing himself, “anything you want, anything anyone wants but someone stops that damn racket!”

The crew watches in horror as one creature after another, pins off, has entered its gate, closed it and stands by its side, persistently hitting the lock with all its might.  Simultaneously, the branches that extend from the trunk below deck and the plants above it reach out for the gates all around them, an assortment of branches thick with foliage, flowers and bugs that forms a giant net, threatening to tie them and endlessly unite them to the universe they are trapped into.

The Three Monkeys are hanging from branches by their tails, holding their ears too, dismayed and sliding gradually down towards the ship using feet and tails.

The King, the old woman, her guards and Captain Traumatic can no longer bear it and must crouch or lie down on the ship’s deck, overwhelmed by the insufferable noise, powerless to escape from it.

Sometimes, earnest despair brings ideas.  Sometimes, ideas never quite disappear and sometimes, the least likely of creatures is unable to let go of some ideas.  Labaguette, his wings holding his ears, crawls out of its pocket and, hopping from one wooden floor board to another, locks himself into a straight diagonal position to that of the Monkeys.

To be continued…


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