“Surely…” the Captain says, “surely this will stop for good…”  He looks above at the Monkeys and in turn at the creatures standing by their gates who, unable to bear the whistling frequencies, collect their hammers and tools, re-open the gates by pulling the door, as if in their own minds being ‘closed, locked or opened’ meant something entirely different, and step back inside the portals disappearing, leaving the gates open.

“I’ll be damned!” the King exclaims, “Captain, do we proceed to the net or should be jump overboard?”

“Hmm, the sound of silence,” Labaguette mumbles, recovering.”

“King Krackskull, would you ever consider abandoning your castle?” the Captain asks.

“I left my planet, I didn’t quite mean to—.”

“—Is this the sound of gurgling of water I hear?” Labaguette continues.

“Mouton Blanc has re-generated,” the old woman ventures.

“Death by drowning,” the King says.

“He was never alone,” the Captain remarks.

“He’s come back to haunt me,” Labaguette whispers.  He’s doing this on purpose.  He wants my soul.”

“I hear an ocean coming,” the King adds.

“We all know what you did last night,” the Captain answers.

“Huh?” the King retorts.

“Did what?” the old woman inquires.

“He was a demon, a ghostly entity of wicked intent,” Labaguette adds, “never in the world would I—“

“—I may not have the full picture, Labaguette,” the Captain says, “but what I do know is that what you did to Mouton Blanc calls for punishment.  He melted during night time, an impossibility for that type of creature.”

“That iz right,” Labaguette retorts, “you do not know the full story, non, non, non.  I reiterate: it was day time.  What would you know about the difference between day and night under these latitudes?”

To be continued…


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