“Shut your gob!”

“He wasn’t the only creature anyways.  One more, one less doesn’t make much of a difference.”

“You’ve seen the creatures above come out: they weren’t wearing their pins.”

“Besides, tolerance is needed; the picture he drew of me wasn’t exactly—“

A few drops of liquid reaches them, dripping from the open gates above.

“I hear an ocean coming,” the King insists.

“I do not like to be visited nor defied by unexplored waters,” the old woman adds.

“—I’ve got a feeling that before long, the Insatiable Princess will regain her composure,” Captain Traumatic says.

Ashe speaks these last words, water begins to flow out of the gates and pour into their universe.

“Thought so,” the Captain says.

“Liquid is malevolent” the old woman says.

“What do you know about freedom?” the King asks.

Worries and concerns get to them unawares: water is pouring upon them in heavy flows.  Drenched, they look underneath them where some of these waters fall, remote and tiny puddle can be seen forming deep, deep, deep below the ship.

“Now we know,” Labaguette remarks, “this isn’t a bottomless pit after all.”

“So there’s a floor,” the old woman says.

“It’s a well, the bottom of a well,” the King remarks.

“It’s a watery surface,” the Captain adds.

“It’s a pond,” Labaguette says.

“It’s rising,” the Captain continues, looking at the Monkeys who are now fidgeting, gesticulating as if to communicate some obvious fact only they’re aware of.

“It’s gonna take an awful long time before this sky fills up.  Why the hell is this water mauve?” the King Captain inquires.

“I can only fly,” Labaguette comments, following the Captain’s gaze.

To be continued…


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