A starry night awaits them.  The Insatiable Princess, appears to be cruising along under clear skies.

“Bite me, Labaguette,” the King requests.

“I too see what you see.”

“Bite me!”

“We were in a bottle, it’s laid horizontally, pouring mauve see water,” the Captain mutters.

“Ouch!” the King squeals.

“You said—.”

“—It’s pouring deep into nowhere, anywhere that can’t be seen nor filled.”

“It looks empty,” Labaguette yacks.

“We’re floating.”

“I see no water.”

“We’ve been transferred,” the King comments.

“There’s still no bottom,” the old woman adds.

“There are no creatures, no gates,” the Captain remarks, “though I hear waves knocking this princess’ hull; I hear gurgling, dripping water all around this jungle.”

“You’re shell shocked, Captain,” the King says, “here, you’d better look at your bird, he’s—“

“—What do you take me for?” Labaguette shrieks, “I shall walk again.”

“You’re with wings, you—“

“—Hey!  You dazed lot: my deeds helped.  I got us out!”

“Not my bird,” the Captain retorts, “not my bird.  The rum supplies are scarce.  If this continues, we will dry out, we won’t go far.  We must find rum any way we can.  King Krackskull, Spinostress, guards, do you know of a nearby planet we could restock from?  Monkeys, if you see falling rum barrels or bottles, catch’em!”

“You, rum soaked bastard!” Labaguette yells.

The Captain attempts to take the parrot from the King’s hands but the King is faster.

“Labaguette has lost his flight power,” the King insists.

“Yeah wings and legs,” Labaguette adds, “can’t fly, can’t walk no more, and I wouldn’t mind but it’s all for nothing, no zank you, no hugs, nada.”

To be continued…

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