The Captain looks around scratching his head, still holding Labaguette in the air while the old woman, her guards and the King scatter to find the source of this new voice.  The Monkeys keep still and wait, as if frozen in time and space.

“Monkeys!” the Captain says, what’s the—“

There!  Right there, on a floating podium no larger than two square meters, a two legged being stands upside down.

“What have we here?” this being says, his piercing eyes scrutinising the Captain and the monkeys, delving deep into their souls, as if he knew who they might be already.

They, in turn, examine and inspect this new comer with his peculiarly luminous, plastic pants adorned with bright yellow fluorescent lines which also circle across the end of his jacket, trousers, belt and hat.  He is holding a stick up in the air with his right hand, signalling that they must stop.  A stern vertical bar crosses his forehead and the hostile, bushy eyebrows cover the eyelids entirely.

“Most urgent is to address and redress the order of the matters at hand,” he says as he presses his stick against the ship.  The Insatiable Princess stops and begins to sluggishly roll upon herself, turning so as to match the being’s position.

“I am the Captain of this ship, you have no right to—”

“—Not so fast,” the being continues, “I’m a policeman.  I am Colonel Loga Rhythmic, in charge of universal operations from beyond and above, the UPPO, the ‘Universal Persecutors & Prosecutors Operations.”

“I am Captain Traumatic and this is my crew,” the Captain retorts, pointing to the King, the old woman and her guards struggling to make their way back through the small but dense jungle that has conquered the turning ship.

To be continued…


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