“I’ll have you pay for this,” the other guard says, “I’ll find a way.”

“So you will,” the Policeman asserts, unclipping the remaining guard’s cage.  “You sure are on your way now.”

“Rascal!” Spinostress screams, “When the time comes, I’ll have you partly burned at the stake, revived, healed and fried once more until your body and soul are all dried up, shrunk and unrecognisable, when the time comes, I’ll—”

“—When the time come, huh?” the Policeman snarls, threatening to release her cage.

“Come, come close if you dare.”

“Doesn’t she deserve a fair trial at the Prosecutor’s Court?” the Captain screams, anticipating the Policeman’s next move.

Now, if they were all able to notice such nuance, they could see that the Colonel’s face has darkened somewhat.

“Ah, fairness,” he says walking back up the stand.

“What do you want in exchange for her?” the Captain yells.

“You’ve nothing of interest.  Besides, you grow dishonest.”

“THE RIVER!” Labaguette yells.

“Yes, yes, I heard you damned bird, I’m coming to it, coming to it.”

“I saw it, felt it,” Labaguette says.

“Its source?” Colonel Loga musters.

“You had it in mind,” Labaguette adds.

“Read my mind, did you?  Make yourself clear.”

“The misery of my flightless, earthbound wings coupled with my inoperable legs have added to my understanding.  I’ve acquired remote viewing capabilities and, when inside your hat, I—”

“—Let’s assume you’ve truly seen the River of Rum depicted in my mind.  What makes you think you can locate it?”

To be continued…


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