“My Captain has led the Insatiable Princess where it is now.  He keeps us alive and safe.  He knows where we must go and how to get there.”

“Can’t find your way home though, can you?”

“If rum was involved, we’d have found our way home way back then.  We wouldn’t even have left had our planet not been so short of supplies.”

“Is that so?” the Colonel asks.

“You’ve heard it from Labaguette’s mouth, his very own candid words” the Captain answers, “how could the truth be any different?”

The King whispers in the Captain’s ear:

“Thought he was gifted with a powerful sense of smell?”

“I’ve seen it before,” the Captain replies, “probably has to do with Labaguette’s belief that his words are true in his own mind as he speaks them.”

“The very purpose of our voyage is you, Colonel Loga,” Labaguette continues, “you’re the source of all riches and the key to the kingdom of endless happiness as well as that of law, order and all things square, and through you, we shall find the River.”

“Oh but you see, Labaguette, although I know the River exists, it is not known where its source is nor where it flows.  There must be a dam, a lake, an ocean it pours into.”

“Why can’t your superior sense of smell detect it?”

“The smell of a lie is surrounding the bottom truth of its very existence.  The River is a treasure for all to want and keep and for that reason it is kept secret.  Someone or something is hiding it from plain view.”

To be continued…


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