“—we must follow that path and turn left just as soon as the giant lemon’s orange spray circling it is seen.”

“That lemon, bird, is a green planet surrounded by orange mist and it is home.  We shall stop by it, leave the old woman there and when we come back from the River, she shall be free to go as she chooses, if she does.”

The Policeman, opens the cage under his podium.  The old woman, bearing the seal of what she endured earlier, with half her face and body divided into two beings: harmless granny and fearsome monster, steps out and boards the Insatiable Princess once more.

“With us, you shall recover,” the King promises her.

“Why,” Labaguette retorts, “if she—“

“—First things first, I need a dose” the Policeman interrupts, pulling out a syringe from his pocket, injecting it into the side of one of the barrels trailing behind him, drawing some rum and injecting it straight into his thumb.

“Surely,…” Captain Traumatic says, his eyes as round as cups, “surely…”

“This isn’t the time and place to wonder and ponder about this, Captain,” the Policeman insists, “We have much to accomplish.  Turn your ship slightly to the right and—“

“—onto a 45 upward slant,” Labaguette repeats.

Then, the Policeman knocks his baton against the edge of the ship as it transmutes into a solid hook binding podium and ship as if the two had been built together and were inseparable.  The Policeman stands proudly towards his target, his glistening uniform having gained in fluorescence and his eyes reflecting a light inside them never seen before, certainly not by this crew.

To be continued…


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