It could be the tempting, elusive and flickering light leading to the hidden abyss, the Captain imagines, who is the Colonel?  He sure looks like judgement day may be around the corner the King believes, all this just for rum.  Typical, Labaguette muses, so much pride for having accomplished a day of duty with a rum injection as a reward, stupid law enforcers.

“Captain,” the King mutters, “have you ever tried to—“

“—Isn’t it obvious?” the Captain retorts, “the Colonel has no tastebuds, it’s—

“—WIND!” the Policeman commands, “PICK UP!”

“It’s all about quick fixes for him, he—“

“—you reckon his ruling is too narrow, thwarted and biased?”

“It’s about being human.”

“He’s a Policeman, he looks—“

“—not from my planet he isn’t.”


“CAPTAIN!” the Policeman yells, “GET BACK TO YOUR POST!”

“See what I mean?”

“Well then, do as you’re accustomed to and rebel.”

“Now isn’t the right time, take Labaguette and the Monkeys and tie yourselves anywhere safe that fits.”

“Inside should be safe.”

“Remain on the bridge.”


“This isn’t going to be a smooth trip.”

As the Captain says ‘smooth’, the winds pick up and they run to brace themselves.  He secures himself and commands the Insatiable Princess to take the right direction and point to the right angle, without a second thought.

Ahead of them, giant tornadoes of white, silvery particles appear, threatening to engulf them.  The Policeman’s stand opens up.  His body flattens and neatly folds up inside it.


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