“Nah,” the Captain utters, perusing his library.

“I see,” the King continues, lost inside a flurry of confusing thoughts.

“Life as a box for men to trample and hide into?” the old woman, inquires, “day in, day out?”

“It’s a respectable position,” the Policeman justifies, smiling, no, beaming, “a square, mechanical womb to protect and defend for eternity.”

“Have you no shame?” Spinostress yells as the Captain’s fingers retract from her burning tentacles.

They all answer by some narcissist rules, Labaguette muses because I swear I’m one of the chosen ones, but then, I’m different.

“Which came first?” Labaguette inquires, “the box or—.”

“—I’M THE ONE AND ONLY!” Colonel Rythmic thunders as the Insatiable Princess slows and parks, high above the planet, yet low enough for two dozen Policemen to stop by the ship’s sides, “You’re all under arrest!”

The policemen step aboard the ship, handcuffs in hand.

“You won’t have me, you scum!” the Captain exclaims.

“Moving on, are we?” the Colonel Rythmic asks, his self-satisfied grin now extending from one ear to the next, a joker in the making.

“Watch me!” the Captain says, defiant, “PREPARE TO ABANDON SHIP!”

“Captain,” Labaguette, remarks, “you don’t mean that and you know, no more falls.  I can’t—”

“—Look after yourself, Labaguette!”

“Non, non, non—“

“—The Policeman or the Fall, which will it be?”

“That’s no exit, you’ll fall forever, you’ll disappear, you’ll fail to exist…” Labaguette replies, holding his breath, helplessly and hopelessly watching as the entire crew, the King, the old woman, the Monkeys and the Captain, all step onto the edge of the ship.

To be continued…


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