“Very well.”

The Policemen are closing in on them and threatening to stop them but Colonel Loga gestures to hold it and picks up Labaguette.

“Best is for you to enjoy the view.  Look,” he insists, “they’re all gonna jump and you’re gonna be left all alone, all so terribly alone.  See?  A penny for your thoughts, stupid bird?”

The Insatiable Princess creaks and groans, some of her boards cracking under the pressure of her now all too uncertain fate.  She understands that from now on, she will be left on her own to roam universes as a ship lost in space, without purpose, without goals, a ghost ship travelling unrecognised and unrecognisable, without a Captain to lead it, without her Captain.  She too will fall, in her own way, uncared for and careless.  Once a wild and barely tamed sea roamer, now, these skies’ eternal vagabond.

Labaguette watches the Captain and his friends of a kind with unmatched intensity.  He recognises a will not to surrender imprinted on their faces.

“You fearless mongrels!” he exclaims, envious. “Mercy! Mercy!” he then yells hoping for a miracle, hoping his captor to change the course of this impossible fate.

There, for ¼ of a second or so, it seems time is suspended.  Everything stops.  All is silence and stillness and it may well be that in this bird’s mind, all thoughts and beliefs are deferred too, unsure where to go from here.

“Shut up and watch!” the Policeman commands.

“Ready?” the Captains asks.

“I’ll do the honours,” the King says.

“You darned fuckwits!  Taking turns?” The Policeman remarks as Labaguette, dismayed, distressed and with his wits disintegrating fast, shivers and shivers more until some of his feathers detach and fall.

“Huh!  I sure am gonna enjoy this.  Watchya waiting for, King?” Colonel Rhytmic asks.

To be continued…


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