Now the King takes his next step, echoing the Policeman’s wish and although crownless, it is not without majesty and pride that King Krackskull gives up on all he has known up until now.

So this is what glory and heroic mean Labaguette muses, stretching his neck to look at the King’s body turn upon itself until its bulky head takes the lead, in a desperate bid to seek what was once lost.  Before long, this parrot’s attention returns to the actual: the monkeys are holding each other by their tails’ tips inextricably entangled, for better and for worse, but especially for worse.

There it is, two Monkeys being monkeys pull faces at the Policeman and jump.

“Could it be that—“ Labaguette begins.

“—What?  Surely you—” Captain Traumatic interrupts.

“—The Syck—“

“—No doubt he will,” the Captain retorts looking Labaguette in the eye.

“LET ME GO!” Labaguette commands, becoming conscious of his mistake.

“Too late to change your mind!” the Policeman carries on, “you stupid, meaningless creature of despair.  You’re staying with me now, understood?  WATCH!  Whether you like it or not, you’re gonna WATCH!  D’you HEAR me?”

Down below them, a faint scream can be heard:

“Fooooouuuuund it!” it says from afar, “foooouuuuuunnnd it!”

Spinostress stands smiling as if she’s been waiting for this moment all her life, as if she’s found her true calling, that of jumping into oblivion and, with startling gusto, enjoying it.

“Now, now,” the Policeman remarks, “we can’t have this.  Guards!  Stop her!”

Five policemen on their podiums surround the instantaneously irate old woman.

“Jump on her and seize her!  Have her hands, feet and tentacles firmly tied!  Allocate a spare dungeon and take her there!”

To be continued…


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