“What’s that you’ve got for wings?” the Captain retorts.

“There are limitations but I—“

The parrot’s sentence is cut short as his wings take him back to the Colonel’s shoulder against his will.

“The GPS,” he tries to explain, squawking, “it controls the—“

The Captain can only guess Labaguette’s inaudible last words as the Colonel moves center stage in possession of the parrot, ignoring the prisoners.  It seems his chest has once again inflated and the brightness of his fluorescence surpasses anything they’ve ever witnessed before.

“Don’t ever humiliate me like this again,” the Colonel threatens.

“Colonel, I—“

“—This isn’t about you.  This is about the Law and the Law is—“

“—the Rule and the Rule is the Law,” Labaguette answers, conforming, his eyes filling with tears, in a desperate bid of make-believe.  He is all too aware of what awaits the prisoners.  Time is of the essence, he repeats to himself, a useless mantra of sorts.  After all, what can he do about all this, hero or not?

“Good.  Now then,” the Colonel says as he positions himself above and center stage before addressing the crowd:

“Fellow Citizen Policemen and Lower Folks!” he states, “we are here today to revel in yet another display of nature’s power of control.  Dangerous Demeanour and Disobedience are rewarded with Death by Display and all those selected few that you see here exhibited will not live to regret this fact nor regret to live it,” he insists while the Captain scans his library for meaning.

To be continued…


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