The audience stands, hums for a few seconds to acknowledge Labaguette’s presence before sitting again.

“I have every confidence that he of the colourful world of feathers and words will find a way, THE way to the Rum River.  Welcome to my new found friend, Labaguette LaMaison-Blanche!  Welcome to the new hope he brings us!  Welcome to our new saviour!” Colonel Loga calls before whispering, threatening in the bird’s ear: “the GPS is off, don’t you dare try anything,” as he releases the parrot for a reconnaissance flight around the arena.

“Are these wings?” the King utters, “he sounds like a large bumble bee.”

“’La Maison-Blanche?  La Maison-Blanche?’” the Captain repeats, “that bird always had impossible dreams… I hope he can understand them let alone understand himself.”

“But here it comes,” Colonel Loga continues, “here is the long awaited introduction to the latest progress attempts made to new-born policemen devised this month by our very own scientific team, the RymoRum River team.  They are the most extreme group of policemen, the winged dancers of the future: the wonderful, whimsical and wondrous ‘Birds of Featherdom.’”

In no time, the cages are flogged to walk their way to the edge of the arena while the goggled, slim and elegant policemen spread at regular intervals over the arena’s grounds and begin a dance of sorts, as if warming up, at the beat of enormous drums.  They are led by a Master Policeman of Dance dressed in a skin tight, gold body suit adorned with pale pink and mauve hues that appear intermittently, as if floating all over the suit.  He is wearing humongous gold rimmed and diamond incrusted, black goggles of inscrutable depths.

To be continued…


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