The King, Labaguette and the Captain all stare at this gold-pink policeman of a kind, wondering about his looks, words and actions but especially about his intentions as the monkeys screech and carry on from their cage.

“Once upon a time,” Birdseye explains, “were better times.  You must feel the flow, Captain, feel it under your feet and pierce the abscess for deliverance.”

“You don’t make no sense at all, Birdie” the Captain says, “give me a single reason why I should trust you.”

“He’s made of more than one feather,” Labaguette says, “I trust him.”

“My name is Birdseye,” the pink feathered policeman replies, grabbing Labaguette.

“Prepare yourself, Captain!” Labaguette says before Birdseye transports him back to the Colonel while the exasperated audience chants and demands blood.

“The Rum River flows right beneath these grounds,” Birdseye explains, “the arena is built above it because the exterminators – the monsters that lie within these grounds – feed off it waiting for the next sacrifice but it is impossible to reach the River because of them.  Colonel Loga believes that a time will come when a prisoner will fight the exterminators and get to the river.”

“Do you believe it?”

“I know so.”

“None of the prisoners are made aware of this, how can—”

“—if the prisoners knew, they would try and if any succeeded, the Colonel would lose face and power.  It can only happen unexpectedly such as the monsters going away or dying because of indigestible prisoners or any other unfathomable cause one could think of.”

“I don’t understand, the Colonel is desperate to get to the River.”

To be continued…


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