“—CAPTAIN!” Birdseye exclaims in his deepest voice, suddenly appearing on the side of the platform where the Captain stands, “this is a dead end—“


“We’ve no time.”

“You always say that.  Labaguette is over there!” The Captain remarks.

“It’s a make believe.  There’s no Labaguette, nor any Colonel.  You fell under the spell of the roots, they’re smart.  You should have known.  I—“

“—Are you real?” the Captain asks, trying to pinch Birdeye’s waistline and finding skin so hard it cannot be pinched.

“Real enough?”

“—You’ve never said anything to me about this, no, no nothing.”

“I warned you.”


“—Silence!  Come!”

Back into dark corridor where he’d come from, the Captain walks into the track of a birdman as if were blind.  He will never stray from this dancing man again.

“The River led me to you,” Birdseye says, “you freed it and now it returns freedom.  You need only ask.”

“Aaah logic,” the Captain says.

“Logic here is different from that which makes you who you are.”

Time speeds.  Soon, Birdseye, the Captain and the hungry roots come to a crossing.  There are many paths to choose from and, as is customary in such tale, only one is right.  Birdseye knows, the Captain will follow.

“Why the darkest?” the Captain asks.

“I see no light, I see no dark,” Birdseye says, his goggles glowing vermillion.

And so, deep into the darkness of a strange planet’s entrails, two creatures, one human, one creature, enter into another chamber, one they open through a wooden door made of wooden roots amalgamated into metallic knots.

To be continued…


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