“Power, greed and mania, huh?” the Captain says, “I’d be delighted to cut the Colonel into tiny pieces.  What will it be, small cubes or Taco shapes?”

“Born a pirate, always a pirate,” Colonel Loga remarks.

“—Come to think of it,” the Captain says, “I could use you Colonel.”

“Not worth your trouble,” Birdseye says.

“Leave me alone.  Can’t you see I’m busy?” Colonel Loga says, “pass your way!”

“Rather naïve.  Let me unsuspend you” the Captain says, “I—”

“—Don’t you dare touch one single inch of—“

“—I know.  I know exactly why you’re here.  This cavern has been in existence before all others.  You were born here.”

“I landed here.  For you, it’s a chamber.”

“A grotto.”

“A bedroom.”

“Your bed—“

“—Precisely.  GO AWAY!”

“And this is where you hide your egg.  You’ve missed your Mama all along and need the comfort of your secret rum stash.  This is your point of origin.”

“Not bad, Captain,” Birdseye comments.

“You reckon?”

“It’s get stranger.”


The Rum is reaching their ankles and the vapours emanating from the potent liquid is reaching their brains, altering their senses.

“This half-breed that you see here, that mites infested bird is born out of a dirty box, dirtiest of them all,” Colonel Loga says, “I snatched him one half out of the jaws of eternity.  His life, I gave him and did thereto add my technique and passion, all his in dedication.  For his sake, I—“

“Come again?” the Captain asks.

“—You used and abused the boxes,” Birdseye remarks, “look at you now Colonel, in your ridiculous suspended state of impossible addiction!”

To be continued…


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