“HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!” Colonel Loga exclaims, “what’s the matter, Captain?  Stuck evaluating this trivial trickle’s tricky effects?”

The Captain hurls a silver stone at the Colonel’s cage.  It bounces back.  Colonel Loga laughs some more.

“This is pointless and beyond your capabilities” the Colonel says.

Birdseye insists, “you have created monsters out of the boxes, against their will, against mine.”

“Boxes are the future, always will be” Colonel Loga explains.

“They contain, restrict and create a state of permanent imprisonment,” Birdseye says.

“They are obedient, kind, compassionate and will do as I say.  They want nothing more than to multiply and create worlds within worlds within worlds.  They are born nurturers, carers and creators.  Nothing you can say will change this.”

“They do not know freedom.”

“No need for it.  Their function is purely to create and belong.  You’ve seen them: all they want is to please the master who selects them and remain loyal to them until discarded or till death.  And the latest models that you see stacked here will be used to create and perfect individuals like you.  All that is needed is a drop of the golden liquid to bring them to life.”

“Some have been known to escape.”

“Tried some did.”


“They were terminated.”

“They can think and act independently.  Some roam the wilderness.”

Then, they all hear chomping and they turn towards the darkest corner of the chamber.

“We must go!”

Labaguette is agitated and is flapping his wings uncontrollably inside his cage, knocking himself against its walls.

“The snake-worms!”

To be continued…


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