It is rather late when a large gap opens up and a giant snake-worm’s appears, its jaws set with humongous irregular teeth protruding bizarrely, opening and closing wanting nothing more than to snatch, bite and digest.

Birdseye grabs Labaguette’s cage from the Captain’s arms.

“Run!” he says as the Captain follows in his footsteps.

Colonel Loga, alarmed, pulls hard to tear the pins from his body fast.

“WAIT!” he yells.

“Is that you begging?” the Captain asks, turning to the Colonel.

“Take me with you!”

“Don’t waste any time!” Birdseye tells the Captain.

“We could use him,” the Captain answers, “get out of your cage if you dare!”

“I’m in an unfinished altered state, at mid-level.  I can’t get out of it or else, I—“

“—Else you die, huh?  What’s it got to do with me Colonel Loga?”

“When this is over, I’ll put you in charge.”

“I’ve always been in charge.”

“More power.”

“Got that.”

“You can have all the rum you want.”

“This is the land of plentiful.”

“I’ll have it delivered to your ship wherever it goes.”

“I’ll think about it.”


“What’s your plan?  How are you going to do this?”

“I promise.”

“He promised me wings too, Captain,” Birdseye says.”

“And wings?”

“I’ll try.”

“His word is worthless.”

“We’ll negotiate when the time comes if we can get out of here.  Failing this, we can always take all the time we need to eradicate him later.”

The chamber is filled with liquid reaching their thighs and the snake-worms are now swimming towards them.

“We’d better make a move,” the Captain says.

To be continued…


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