“Turn off the switch on the wall, left of the door!” Colonel Loga yells.

“The what?” the Captain asks.

“It’ll release my container onto the flood.”

“I know,” Birdseye says, but as he walks towards the switch, one snake-worm bites through one of the cables holding Colonel Loga’s glass cage.  The policeman stumbles and falls inside it, the cage now dangling dangerously, rotating back and forth as snake-worms try and gnaw their way through the glass.

Then, the switch is turned off and the three cables still holding the cage suspended subside: the cage falls and splashes onto the rum, floating out of control, prey to the twirling undercurrents, before being hurled into the door, crashing and creating a gaping hole in the wall, bringing parts of the room’s contents onto the outside corridor.  All the while, Birdseye, caught by the flood, struggles to remain standing, inadvertently releases Labaguette’s cage which disappears under the flood and gushes out of the hole.

The Captain is quick to retrieve Labaguette out of his smashed cage and shoves the coughing, shocked and sparkly parrot into his pocket, the birds’ new set of wings buzzing with delight.  Birdseye’s soaked tail feathers fall limp behind him.

“Look at this!” he exclaims horrified.

“What’s the matter with you?” the Captain asks.

“My feathers!”

“You can’t fly anyway.”

“Every bird needs their feathers to shine and rise,” Labaguette comments.

“Rise where?” the Captain grumbles.

“Rise above all,” Labaguette remarks, winking at Birdseye.

“Is this really the time to—“

But one snake-worm catches the longest feather lying limp behind Birdseye, pulling it off and eating it without further ado.

“Shit!” Birdseye says.

To be continued…


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