Jolted into frantic action, the companions do their best to push Colonel Loga’s glass cage forward.  Predictably perhaps, it is too large and too heavy to be moved inside the narrow corridor, but the metallic roots are hungry and they remember the promise Birdseye made to them: they begin to overextend, stretching the walls and help carry the cage forward while slowing down the snake-worms behind them by offering themselves as fodder.

“I see light!” Colonel Loga exclaims.

There are shafts of light appearing from holes in the ceiling illuminating the tunnel, holes that begin to open as the ground above them is crumbling at specific spots.

“There!” the Captain exclaims, “an exit!”

As they reach the first hole, a snake-worm’s head peeks inside it from above, examining its game.

In a fit, Birdseye reaches for the Colonel’s cage, lifts it onto his shoulders, deploying his powerful wings and pushes the cage hard towards the hole, slamming it into the snake-worm that is bending over, cutting it in half and settling the cage onto the hard grounds above.

“What can you see?” the Captain asks the Colonel, as Birdseye repeatedly shakes his head.

“Not safe, huh?” he says, observing Birdseye who nods a few times before shaking his head again.

“COLONEL!” the Captain yells.  Silence.

“Help me out!” the Captain commands.  Birdseye bends and the Captain climbs onto his back.

Once above, the blinding daylight tests the Captain’s vision making it nearly impossible for him to get his bearings, he of the East, West, North and South.  Then, bit by bit, he begins to understand, alarmed.

“Bloody Bollocks!”

Birdseye joins the Captain.

“This is the end,” the Captain says.

To be continued…


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