“You hide it well, Ma’am.  I meant no offence.  I sense now that you’re no box.  My name is Birdseye to better serve you.  Your presence has been eagerly expected,” Birdseye says while Spinostress is looking at him, eternally suspicious, checking him out from head to heel and back again.

“LOGA!” she calls then.  They all turn to stare at her, dumbfounded, while a snake-worm simultaneously pounces to gobble her in one gulp while the old woman warrior raises a tentacle, stopping the creature in mid-air, melting it, popping it and… you know the rest.

This is when a multitude of spidery, sticky nets are thrown over several groups of snake-worms and more of Chloroph’s powder disperses, neutralising the beasts, melting them and leaving them there to be devoured by their own kind until the defeated monsters finally recognise Spinostress as being their ultimate leader.  All prostrate, begging for mercy and pledging allegiance to her by inviting her to mount them and travel with them.

“There, there,” she says, patting a mother snake-worm and her young, “I’ll feed you with the flesh of your disobedient and non-deserving peers for the remainder of your lives,” she promises before sending them to spread the good news.

“Who are you?” the Colonel asks Spinostress, “is my notoriety beyond the beyond such that—“

“—Don’t flatter yourself, Colonel!”


“I remember a youthful, vigorous and valiant Policeman whose honourable intentions were to bring me no disrepute.  Wasn’t he going to sweep me off my feet and use my womb so that together, we would procreate and raise a new kind, a better kind, a super kind instead of… instead of—”

To be continued…


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