When the Insatiable Princess rises and fades into the orange mist, a group of abandoned and aggrieved monster-worms looks lovingly towards the skies and their new found leaving leader.  Well then, they think in unison, it is better to perish than to live without Spinostress’ command and ways.  This is why, in an instant, this particular breed turns into ochre and yellow stones of the strangest shapes, and this is how the legend of the worm-stones of a far, far away planet is born.  Only, this legend isn’t part of this story.

Aboard the wind swept Insatiable Princess, all it takes is a gentle caress by the Captain’s palm over his ship’s smooth wood for them to feel the immediate pang of their bond re-born and sealed once more.  The anger, the resentment, the hate and sadness between them disappear as if they’d never been there in the first place.  And in spite of the ship having been abandoned to her fate, alone in the ruthless universe and especially, at the mercy of a Colonel who threatened to have her destroyed and who came close to it.  It takes only one whisper from Captain Traumatic:

“Travel light Princess of the skies, I am yours forever,”  he says to his beloved ship for her to gain speed and, for now, to follow every direction Spinostress gives as if her life depended on it.

Spinostress, her hair and tentacles floating freely in the wind in a way that reminds of half boiled calamari legs, leads the creaking yet euphoric ship in the right direction, towards RythmaRymosthesis’ capital city.

To be continued…


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