“CAPTAIN!” Labaguette yells in despair, “he—“

“—Stop and stick to your dream!”

“I shall be a hero.”

“Not again,” the Captain says.

“Fuck!” Spinostress echoes somewhat.

“Can you see now?” Birdseye asks.

“Oh give it up!” Labaguette retorts, sitting on his newly found friend’s shoulder, looking in the emptiness of the skies above RythmaRymosthesis, as if he could see something where nothing abounds.”

“BIRDS!” Spinostress yells, “I’m driving, shove off!”

“I can help you conquer this RythmaRymosthesis,” the Captain says.

“I’ve already made plans,” she insists.

“We could strike a deal.”

“Once a pirate—.”

“—You know your business better than I do.  You love nothing more than a challenge.”

“Speak your mind.”

“Did you see the Syck Monkey?”

“I know of its existence.  What has this got to do with—”

“—Did you meet him in person?”

“He’s a monkey.”

“Chloroph says he—“

A deafening crash is heard.  The Insatiable Princess shudders.

“It’s a box,” Birdseye says, “lost its ways.”

“Can’t be.  Boxes know where they’re going,” the Captain says.

“Their leader is disabled.”

“The conditions are ripe for a takeover,” Spinostress comments.

“TAKE SHELTER!” Labaguette screams as uncontrollable boxes appear out of the vacuum flying straight at them, crashing into the ship from all sides, a deadly menace.

Spinostress spins into action and begins swinging from ropes using her tentacles to knock the boxes out of the way, a valiant Ninja Turtle in the making.

In no time, Captain Traumatic resumes his position as Captain and takes hold of the rudder as Birdseye and Labaguette perche at the bow and observe crouching the bewilderingly congested skies.

“Just what we need,” the Captain mutters, “a couple of useless dreamers.”

To be continued…

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