“—You don’t look like a male and you don’t act like a female.  It’s time you at least tried to be an it, Spino!” the Captain growls, grabbing a rum soaked rope and cutting one piece.

“Can’t be done this way,” Birdseye says, stopping the Captain before he squeezes rum out of the rope and into the jittery box.

“She won’t do it, did you not hear?”

“Spinostress has to be their leader if we’re going to get out of here alive.”

“Never done it before,” she says, “what makes you think it will work?

“He knows,” the Captain says.

“I know,” Birdseye insists.

“Gimme that,” Spinostress says, snatching the piece of rope from the Captain’s hands.

“Not like this,” Birdseye says.

“What now?” she retorts, “I told you, I’ve no idea—”

“—she may be beyond the time for—”


“Come here Spinostress!” Birdseye commands.  His voice is stern, his body rigid and his goggles shine in an insistent and convincing manner.  Then, he pulls Spinostress by the shoulder, clasps a few of her tentacles and wraps them in a rum soaked rope.

“Patience,” he says, “don’t move, trust me, it won’t take long.”

“Too long,” Labaguette say, “it’ll take too long.”

A mighty crack is heard.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” the Captain yells.

The Insatiable Princess is splitting in two and is threatening to fall apart, unable to defend itself and fight the deranged, untamed boxes’ onslaught.

“NON!  Zat’s impossible !” Labaguette says.

“It is almost too late,” Birdseye remarks, standing, a nervous box still in his hands, looking helplessly as the other half of the ship already several meters away, an abyss separating him and Labaguette from the Captain, Spinostress, the guards and a monkey.

To be continued…


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