Even recent history repeats itself: Colonel Loga jumps and Chloroph plunges after him while the two sides of the ship are now stretching so far apart from each other that all appears lost.  Birdseye reaches out for the tied up box.  Chloroph successfully retrieves a piteous but otherwise healthy Colonel, puts him back onto his legs and says:

“Bring me Spinostress!”

“She can jump,” the Colonel answers, “why, with her swinging ways, she should have no trouble—”

“—Holly crap Chloroph!” the Captain yells, pushing Spinostress off the edge of the Insatiable Princess into the vastness below before she has time to think what is happening.

“What is wrong with my beautiful, perfectly formed wings?” Colonel Loga mutters, too caught up in his own drama to even consider becoming aware of the dramatic events unfolding around him.

One box flies straight into his path and knocks him down.

“WHAT’S THIS?” he says, anger rising from deep within, “ORDER!” he tries, flapping his wings hopelessly.

When he stands up again, Chloroph is flying holding Spinostress and delivers her by Birdseye’s side.  Several of her extended tentacles are pointlessly attempting to hold the two halves of the ship from drifting further apart while others are holding Birdseye’s box tight and close to her body.  Her remaining rum soaked tentacles, are inside the box feeding it.

When she finally releases it, it remains by her side, silent, calm and if it had a face, serene.

“Gather!” Spinostress orders.

To be continued…


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