“Well, you see, I—”

“—Spit it out!”

“You get RythmaRymosthesis, you get to lead the boxes, the planet, the Colonel, and—”

“—No need to rub it in, Captain,” the Colonel says, “the original deal was going to be through me, you know this and—”

“—Shut your gob Loga!” Spinostress orders, “As to you Captain, it may be worth your while knowing that, and this is beyond your wildest dreams, you will offered a never ending and free supply of rum, but… this remains my ship.  The Insatiable Princess is mine.  We have a connection, she and I.”

“Where could I possibly store a never ending supply of rum?”

“Put simply, you will deliver rum wherever we ask, whenever we ask.”

“I’ll need command of my… of the Insatiable Princess.  How—”

“—You’ll have command of the ship but you’ll have no control over it.  Labaguette’s GPS is fitted with a remote control.  Were you to consider straying from your allocated pathways,—”

“—Even Labaguette can lose track of the ship and get lost.”

“Labaguette’s egg hatched in your hat, Captain.  Did he not?”


“—My point precisely: this bird’s genes are intimately connected to this ship—”

“My hat, not—”

“—and your hat is what it is: emotionally, intimately and naturally tied to the Insatiable Princess; it belongs to her forever and ever and ever in the same way it never leaves your head, nor can it be lost.”

Stirred by the sound of his name being uttered and uttered more, Labaguette finally wakes up, rises and flies to the Captain’s shoulder, whispering:

“Captain, this Rum.  The Rum soaked ropes inside the hull—”

“Go away, take a ride!” the Captain says, “you’re off your head.”

To be continued…


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