“If I were you,” Spinostress says, “I’d listen to your bird’s newfound wisdom because as from now, and in my absence, Labaguette will become the only true leader of this ship.  He has a GPS.  Besides, he is a hero.”

Something in Spinostress’ words and voice warns Labaguette.  The signal is clear: its transmitting implies flattery and an obscure agenda.

“—Captain,” Labaguette insists, still whispering in his Master’s ear, “for once in your life, listen to me: the Rum self-generates.”

“You’ve lost it, sorry mate.”

“Nom de bleu !  Castacrotte et crapouillette !  Je le jure sur la tête de la Princesse Insatiable!”

When Labaguette swears unfathomable words all of his own, Captain Traumatic thinks, tis best to be safe than sorry.

“Go on, explain.”

“I repeat: the Rum multiplies itself all by itself.  I once overheard a conversation between Colonel Loga and his trusted police-advisor and I have proof it is true.”

“Your French ways are useless on me, Labaguette, you’re having me on. It isn’t funny.”

“Spinostress doesn’t know.”

“We’d be drowning in it now if,—”

“—it’s a miniature atomic mushroom within the cell’s nucleus of a particle of Rum.  It grows when it’s needed.”

“I planted my sword into the planet’s ground because the Rum couldn’t be found, what—”

“—you saved this world, Captain.  Without you, RythmaRymosthesis would have exploded had the Rum’s pressure underneath the planet’s crust not be released in time.  Go inside the hull and see for yourself.”

To be continued…


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