“Spinostress,” the Captain insists, an unexpected new-found confidence tinting his cheeks with a pink hue, “the Insatiable Princess and I saved you, a safe asylum for the wild skies we came across.  And for what?  You, becoming a leader; you, in charge.  Spinostress, the Rum Lord.  I will deliver the Rum where you ask, when you ask.  But I beg you, please let the ship be under my full control.  Let it be mine.”

“I might want to get back home.”

“You’ve no home left to get back to.”

“It’s arguable but I have no time for—”

“—RythmaRymosthesis offers much better advantages; the Rum, the boxes, the experiments, not to forget Colonel Loga,” the Captain retorts, sensing Spinostress’ hesitations.

“Keep me out of it!” the Colonel says.

“He’s useless.”

“RythmaRymosthesis ahead!” Birdseye shouts, “Prepare for landing!”

A swarm of boxes surrounds the ship, curious, as she settles hovering above a large Rum river that has formed on the edge of Rigorousys, RythmaRymosthesis’s principal city.  And with a few gestures, Spinostress orders the boxes in formation as rogue, wandering policemen arrive and stand aside, hesitating.

Colonel Loga stands by Spinostress’ side.

“Open the gates” he orders.  No one moves.  Then, with one click of the fingers, Spinostress spins them all into action.

“You may listen to your former commander,” she says, “but if I disagree, anything I do or say will override his orders” she yells, transmitting her order telepathically to the entire planet, her tentacles a cacophony of crackling sounds, emitting information through blazing streams of light intermingled with darkness, chaos and evil.  “My command is all powerful, overriding and unforgiving.  Anyone found guilty of disobedient misconduct will be dealt with swiftly and categorically.”

To be continued…


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