Rigorousys’ large gates open, letting in a river branch which immediately digs its way in as Spinostress orders the boxes to form secure walls by its sides to stop it branching out uncontrollably in any direction.

Then, Birdseye in a majestic move lowers his arms and wings as the Insatiable Princess relaxes at last, resting on the river, floating, gliding its surface awkwardly elegant and with the humility her moribund state demands, clinging to life, assisted by a stream of willing black boxes.

Five minutes have barely gone past since they’ve entered a city left bare and ruled by chaotic influences that two enormous Rum fuelled policemen in rags and their boxes appear.

“King Krackskull!” the Captain exclaims, “I never—”

“—HELP!” the King yelps.

“Release him at once!” the Captain orders.

“Get rid of him!” Colonel Loga says.

Two tentacles rise, strike the policemen and they fall in the river, their heads bobbing up and down, the current carrying them away.

A third tentacle delicately releases the King onto the ship’s deck.  A fourth has struck Colonel Loga in the face.  He lays unconscious.

“Who’s in charge?” the King asks.

“Need you ask?” the Captain retorts.

“Lead us to the heart of Rigorousys!” Spinostress says.

“The River knows, this is where it is going,” the King says, “you will find nothing but anarchy there.”

“Mayhem all around, huh?” Labaguette says.

“Labaguette!” the King says.

“You’re wearing a crown,” Labaguette comments, “too small for you.”

“It’s sawn onto my skull.  I led prisoners to rebellion.  I was caught and fed to a worm whose bowels and digestive juices rejected me.  Since then, mobs have subjected me to various experiments.”

To be continued…


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