“What mobs?”

“I, as King, am now somewhat recognised.  Not sure why but madness and the lack of leadership have—”

“—I am the appointed new leader,” Spinostress states, “I shall see to it that your crown is painlessly removed.”

“The governing force in power is that of snake-worms.  They are the mobs’ rulers.”

“They’ll obey me.”

“A bigger, stronger and ghastlier breed than you can imagine.  Worse, they’re intelligent and some have started to grow wings.”

“I’m in charge.”

“She’s in charge,” Birdseye reiterates.

“What would you know fancy bird?” the King asks.

“I shall have your crown removed painlessly, King,” Spinostress insists.

“This crown isn’t mine or if it is, it has been tampered with and its nature twisted.  It followed me, sticking to my head.  I tried to disown it and to throw it away.   This is when I was subjected to the snake-worms’ treatment.”

“Born a King, always a King,” Colonel Loga sneers, coming around, “King-of-this or King-of-that, if the crown fits,—”

“Destitute!” the Captain explains, “Colonel Loga is destitute!  Look at him and his beautiful wings, King Krackskull.  He is powerless.  Can’t rule no more, can’t—”

“Mind your ship for it might fall apart, Captain.”

“ENOUGH!” Spinostress yells.

“Why help me?  What is it that attracts you to my crown?” the King asks.


“It’s tiny and worthless.  You could have your own made by your workers.”

“It is a King’s crown.  It’s yours yet you rejected it because it has transformed and no longer fits you.  It suffers and that permanent state of pain holds special properties.”

“A pony tail for your tentacles, is that all it’s worth to you?”

“It would impress.”

“I’m not prepared to negotiate.”

To be continued…


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