“They’re untamed,” the King mutters, “they know of no bounds and of no laws.”

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!” Spinostress yells as she plunges forward using her tentacles the way Tarzan uses lianas.

The King lifts his hand to his closed eyes, fearing the worse.

Captain Traumatic, following in Spinostress’s trail, jumps onto the edge of the ship brandishing his sword like a weapon of mass destruction and the two fighters, uniting their strengths, conquer sulphur generating beasts and discontented mutant worms in less than half a second.

When the King opens his eyes again, Spinostress is holding the head of the Rum River monster in her tentacles for all to see while sitting on a grovelling smaller creature, fully tamed and now persuaded of Spinostress’ potent power while the monster’s neck drips its gurgling burning slime onto the grounds below.

“Epic!” the Captain exclaims, grinning.

“This is a lesson for ye all!” Spinostress claims, “I have risen once more.  I am now the undisputable leader of Rigorousys and of the entire planet.


“—And Colonel Loga will be second in charge!” she adds hurriedly, smothering the Colonel’s words in their track.

“You will listen to me for directions and you will do as—”

“—as I SAY!” Spinostress insists.

There, on the edge of a new era and on that of a new force being set up on a planet whose impenetrable orange mists has finally dissipated, a Colonel and a newly arisen, self-appointed Leader argue in front of all, bearing their long-standing resentments and grudges in the open for all to hear and letting all in the near and far vicinity have a piece of their angry minds.

To be continued…


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