As quarrels on the Insatiable Princess linger, and unbeknownst to all, Chloroph, ignored, has made his way through the meandering Rigorousys’ pathways and, hissing at his hook generated dog-plant urges it to find the two missing monkeys.

There, at the top of a thin, high tower that rises above the city tallest buildings, clouds and mist, Chloroph discovers two grown up, white as snow monkeys deliberately weaving ropes of their own making outside the smallest possible window he’s ever seen.  The pattern of the rope stuck to the walls of the building is not unlike that of a smartly designed spider web or possibly more like that of the most intricate snowflake when viewed from a microscope.

What puzzles Chloroph is that the monkeys aren’t bound by chains or anything that points to their being held prisoners, and so Chloroph begins to stare at them with purposeful intent as his words urging them to get out and make their way to the ship are being ignored.  To no avail.  Bewildered, yet surrendering to their will, Chloroph watches as the monkeys attach his wrists to nails on the wall, followed by his dog plant.  Then, as if the monkeys had been waiting for Chloroph to appear all along, they attach themselves by means of their tails to the wall and hold Chloroph by the arms.  Finally, they open their mouth as if to scream but no sound is heard.

In a white flash, the entire tower crumbles and folds into a pattern dictated by that of the ropes outside the building, crumpling the tower and reducing it to a sparkly white and light beige rolling ball through which everything can be seen from the inside without anyone suffering the effects of position, pressure, movement and speed.

To be continued…


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