“Birdseye is compromised,” Colonel Loga comments.  “He turned against his own.  He turned against me.  I won’t guarantee his safety if he stays here.”

“Labaguette and Birdseye will be connected.  Both are birds of some kind.  One with wings and no sense of direction, the other wingless with a clear path and a vision,” Spinostress says, “Birsdeye will dictate where the Insatiable Princess must go through Labaguette’s GPS’ control center.  By releasing Labaguette’s GPS and letting Birsdeye manage that bird, you will be free to focus on managing this planet with me and transforming your wings to carry you forward into the next stage of your dreams.”

“Surely I have a say in all this?” the Captain asks.

“I know the monkeys,” Spinostress adds, “they belong to the Insatiable Princess.  I’ve seen the work they’ve done inside the hull and I know that at this very moment, they’re in recovery mode, repairing the ship with their rope tricks and tricks of the trade.  They’ll fix this ship and keep it solid for as long as it travels within Labaguette’s frequency range within specific universes.”

“What do you mean?”

“It’ll self-destruct if it ever finds its way back home, Captain.”

“There’s nothing more that I, Labaguette and me blessed ship want than to return to Earth.  Earth is home and, besides, the monkeys’ mission isn’t one of destruction nor evil intent.  I thought you were on my side Spinostress.  Your mercurial behaviour is—”

But Spinostress looks deep into the Captain’s eyes before leading his gaze to Birdseye’s own.

To be continued…

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