Now the Captain’s shoulder slump as he expects Birdseye’s knowing to be merciless.

“And you, bird of doom, you—” the Captain utters, “how could you—”

“—He means to save your life and that of your ship”, Spinostress says.

“Well then,” Colonel Loga continues, “it’s either the monkeys or Labaguette, which will it be?”

“This is hopeless,” Labaguette whispers.

“I won’t let you have my Crown, old woman, you dont—”

“—don’t call me old or woman!” Spinostress says, “you know my name.  Guards, seize the King!”

“Do something, Captain!” Labaguette whispers.

“Let us get this crown in the right hands,” she insists, “Birdseye, for now, it is best you stay here and keep a watch on all of them until we come back.”

There, stranded on a Rum River that is expanding and swelling uncontrollably with every second, the Insatiable Princess and its crew begin a wait of some sort, that of a King’s head being freed from its reluctant Crown and the crowning of a new queen.

Immediately after Spinostress leaves, the Insatiable Princess set sails and searches for a calmer flow of Rum until she settles on a newly formed lake, at some distance from a spewing volcano.

Then, three Monkeys reunite the Insatiable Princess’ two halves with dedication and Rum soaked rope magic.  No one could ever tell she’d ever been on the brink of extinction except perhaps for Captain Traumatic.

“Birdseye!” the Captain exclaims, “what will it take—”

“—Shhhhh!” Birdseye retorts, “ears are everywhere.”


“—Shut up Captain!” Labaguette whispers as the Captain’s eyes meet Birdseye’s and finally, he understands.

To be continued…


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