Birdseye takes his post once more at the forefront of the ship, crouching.

“We must go now,” he says.

“Not without the King,” the Captain answers.

“It’s the King or me.”

“Or me,” Labaguette adds.

“Shove off, Labaguette,” the Captain says, “We’ll forget the King, let’s set sails.  Away we GO!”

All stand in disbelief, mouths half-open, popping their ears.

“We’ll come back to pick him up some other time.”

“We’ll never be able to make it back.”

“We’ll use your GPS.”

“I won’t be used.”

“We’ll extract it from you.”

And without further ado, the Insatiable Princess lifts off and, in a blaze of glorified independence, zooms past the highest towers of Rhygourosis, and off she is beyond the orange mist before she begins floating again amidst the now familiar stars, following the path Birdseye’s goggles zone in on.

“It won’t be long before I’ll be called back,” Labaguette says.

“Gobbledigook!  Spinostress is in charge now.  She won’t need you.”

As soon as the Captain finishes this sentence, Labaguette lifts in the air and his mechanical wings begin to flap backwards.

“Come back Labaguette, enough of your nonsense!”

“See what you’ve done?” Labaguette adds in a panic.

“I’ve done—”

“—you triggered the mechanism, that’s what!” Labaguette screams, the sound of his voice declining as Labaguette is disappearing fast.


“HELP!  I’m being called back!”

It is too late.  In the dimly lit darkness of the Universe, a parrot has been swallowed by an orange mist and the unspeakable truth that faces the Captain and the Insatiable Princess throws a shadow on their rediscovered freedom.

To be continued…


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