“He’s always wanted to be a hero but I’ve never—”

“—not dead,” Birdseye mutters, “not dead.”

“It’s only the monkeys, you and I”.


“—You and your creature from hell don’t exist.  Get out of my sight!”

Chloroph and his dog descend into the hull with some calm as Birdseye resumes his leading sentinel position at the front of the Insatiable Princess.

Then, for no apparent reason, Captain Traumatic decides he too should descends into the hull but his goal quickly becomes apparent. He is grieving the loss of his parrot and King, needs to quench an underlying thirst and in need of a break: he spends there five universal days and five nights drinking self-generating Rum out of full barrels before spending another three days and nights emptying overflowing Rum overboard.

Eventually and predictably perhaps, the Captain’s moods result in more joy and satisfaction and this allows for Chloroph’s newly found and convincing argument that releasing the constant overflow of Rum in a specially designed Hook may be better and worth considering.

“That way, it won’t spread and generate over any planets it may fall upon,” Chloroph maintains, “and we will be able to maintain the overall supremacy of its distribution and the power it will bring.”

“So long as Colonel Loga doesn’t let Spinostress in on it.”

“He never will, can’t you see?  He’s lost all power since the wings debacle.  He’ll do anything do regain that power and rid of Spinostress.  Labaguette knows this and the King too might by now.”

“Where exactly is the Rum’s oversupply going once it goes through your Hook?  Aren’t you scared it—”

“—You don’t have to trust me Captain.”

To be continued…


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