“It’s a little constricted around here but who’s to say it’s barbaric?” the Captain asks, recuperating, “there’s a treasure to be had if—”

“—It isn’t for you to take.”

“Too dusty, dirty and I’m not gonna let demented junk knock me off my ship.  Order your junk to make room for my ship!  We need to keep steady on the road.  We’ve wasted enough time.”

“Not so easy, Captain.  This junk as you call it isn’t going anywhere without proper storage facilities.”


“A bin bag,” Chloroph explains.

“You destroyed the only bin bag of its kind that ever existed.  What am I going to do now?  So long as you can’t help me, I can’t help you.”

“I took it out and your bag died out,” Chloroph continues.

“Took what out?”

“The golden liquid.”

“You couldn’t have had enough of it to destroy my entire bag.”

“Oh but I did.”


This is when Chloroph pulls out his rubbish collecting hook out of his pants, stretches it, positions it, before summoning its opening through some magic mumbling only he knows and there: a zip appears for Chloroph to unzip.  In it, all that one can see are more portions of the sky and more stars, as if the zip opened to a state of transparency.

“Some trick, huh?  There’s nothing behind this magic zip you pulled.”

“This is the ultimate rubbish collection bag.  I invented it, designed it and it is at the forefront of all technologies.  All rubbish thrown inside it can be retrieved through wishful thinking, putting your hand in it and retrieving whatever it is you wish to retrieve with one single swipe of the hand.”

To be continued…


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