“Gimme this magnet!” the Captain says grabbing it from Chloroph’s grip and throwing it overboard.

“What have you done?” Chloroph asks, now a prey to some unspeakable terror, “What have you DONE?”

“JUMP!” Birdseye insists, as he attempts to get all of them to follow him by diving head first into the hook, but all remain standing looking at the garbage hook, undecided.

“He can’t fly!” Labaguette remarks, “he won’t—”

“—JUUUUMMMP FOR FFFFFFFFFFFF…” they can hear Birdseye shout from the bottom of the bag.

“He didn’t….  Did he—”

But Labaguette’s last words fizzle as, sensing inescapable danger if not death, the three monkeys decide it is time to take the matter into their own hands, or paws some might say: they snatch the hook from Chloroph’s hands, pull it open in three directions and wrap at faster than the speed of light, the King, Labaguette, Chloroph, CollectOrus, Captain Traumatic, and include themselves, while the garbage floating about the ship and the Insatiable Princess begin their descent towards the falling magnet, its gravity transformed into that of a black hole of biblical proportions.

Then, as if reading everyone’s thoughts, Birdseye turns his third eye’s light on.

“Am I dreaming?” Labaguette asks.

“Are we dead?” the King asks.

“Where is my beloved?” the Captain asks.

“It worked!” Chloroph exclaims, looking at the monkeys carrying on excitedly.

“Crap!” CollectOrus adds, “something’s wrong.”

“We’re in the midst of it,” Chloroph continues, “we’re floating in it, can’t you see?”

“A bloody nightmare!” the Captain exclaims finally picking up on the situation, “Edgar couldn’t have dreamt of such emptiness and darkness.  There’s really nothing.  Garbage makes you feel alive… is that the message?”

To be continued…


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