“I know what there is to know.  I am no scientist.  I am a dancer, a policeman-dancer with a vision.”

“Chloroph,” Collectorus continues, “why don’t you create a particle generator through one of your hooks?  If this one imitates my bag and disintegrates,—”

“—Why don’t I?  Why don’t I?”

“No kidding involved.  Get us out of here or bring the Insatiable Princess to help us out!”

“If we were out, I could reconstitute the Insatiable Princess.”

“What are you waiting for?”

“What do you mean reconstitute my ship?” the Captain asks, “there’s only one of her, she isn’t pulverized nor dead.”

“Might as well be” Collectorus continues, “she’s gone mate, disappeared from the skies’ map and so are RythmaRymosthesis, Spinostress, Colonel Loga and all his policemen, monsters and boxes.”

“Impossible,” the Captain maintains, “this lot is too evil to disappear just like that, they’re bound to come back and haunt us one way or another.”

“Matter can be reversed to a state of inexistence,” Chloroph says, “that’s all there is to it.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“I’m a plant man, that’s why.”

“You’ve made mistakes before.”

“I experiment.  I keep trying until the experiment is successful.”

“I’ve had it being your guinea pig.”

“I do have a particle generator hook but it needs some fine tuning and it is not, I insist, a particle re-generator.”

“You could get your particle generator to create a particle re-generator,” CollectOrus says.

“HA!” the Captain exclaims.

“It’s not that simple.”

“Get to work!”

“Well done, Captain!” Labaguette whispers into the Captain’s ear, “well done, you push Chloroph to work on another rush job and we—”

“—I was thinking,” the King says, “this crown needs disintegrated into a fine powder or fine particles, it must be possible to—”

To be continued…


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