“What have you done Captain!” the King exclaims.

“Yeah, Capitaine, what have you done?” Labaguette adds.

“Why are you smiling?” Captain Traumatic wonders aloud, as Birdseye’s face is beaming with cannot be mistake for anything else but joy and the monkeys are dancing around as if all there was to do in the Universe was to live now.

“There’s a saying,” Birdseye says, “Swing your sword on poured Rum and thou shalt have.”

“Have what?” Labaguette inquires.

“Did you say this to cheer us up?” the King asks.

“If there is any truth in it,” the Captain says, “why not mention it earlier.  What do you mean?”

“Tis an old saying,” Birdseye answers, “to do with a legend on RythmaRymosthesis.  It goes back to the days when the RumRiver was more myth than reality.  Remember your sword Captain?  The liberation and the freedom?”

“I don’t understand.  How can my sword be used now?”

“Gimme your sword!” CollectOrus orders the Captain as he opens the first bag.


“I’ll pour the Rum!” Labaguette says, flying excitedly, knowing what Birdseye knows, “c’mon Captain, wield your sword over this damned bag now!”

There, a trusting pirate releases his anger and frustrations through the wielding of his sword over a rum soaked bag that fizzles, crackles and emits electric sparks before vanishing before their very eyes.

“Summon it back now!” Chloroph commands, finally understanding where all this is leading.

“Can’t be that simple,” the King musters, “surely.”

“But it is,” CollectOrus says, clicking his tongue and whistling.

“There!” he exclaims at last, brandishing a new bin bag the colour of Rum, re-generated from an odd mix of particles’ waste.

“At last!” the Captain says, “bring back my beloved now will ya?”

To be continued…


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