“Where is this leading?” the Captain asks.”

“You chose to follow,” the King answers.

“Maybe you shouldn’t have,” CollectOrus adds.

“Maybe you should have stayed there,” Chloroph emphasises.

“You’ve come a long way,” CollectOrus insists.

“Some way,” Chloroph says.

“Wait a minute, I—” the Captain tries.

“—You wouldn’t be here now,” CollectOrus continues, “I’m certain.”

“It’s a definite,” Chloroph says.

“You’d be nothing,” CollectOrus says.

“Nothing at all,” Chloroph says.

“I AM NOTHING NOW,” the Captain thunders, “A MERE PARTICLE OF JUNK AIN’T I?” he continues as his face turns into an indigo tempest.

“There might still be time,” Labaguette ventures, “do you still wish to—”

“—Dumb!” the Captain specifies, “you dumb bird of mine!  I will disown you when I get the chance.  Where are we headed?”

“Won’t tell ya,” Labaguette says, “too dumb and I don’t belong to—”

“—Back where we came from,” CollectOrus says.

“Huh?” a shocked Captain asks.

“Back to the past,” Chloroph explains.

“Can’t do this, it—”

“—You’re damned Beloved!” Labaguette says, “before she got pulled by the magnet and—”

The Captain once more demonstrates his skills and the tip of his sword’s blade threatens to pierce Labaguette’s neck.

“No need to sweat, Captain.  Do it now, don’t make me wait.”

“Wait!” Birdseye interrupts.

“Don’t worry,” Labaguette says, “we’re used to this aren’t we Captain?”

Then, the bag begins to roll, turn and shake and they hear a chaotic dim: that of a universe out of control.  All roll and tumble onto each other, mere creatures in a tumbler they’ve no control of.

To be continued…


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