Then, the bag begins to roll and shake and a deafening wild winds can be heard through and through.  All roll onto each other, mere creatures in a tumbler they’ve no control of.

“Destination reached,” CollectOrus says, opening the bag, “prepare yourselves!”

“Where are you Labaguette?” the Captain asks, his hands fumbling in the dark to squeeze his bird’s neck once and for all.  But Chloroph pulls a bag’s string and in a second, they find themselves out, floating in space and resisting the wind, with CollectOrus and Chloroph shoving them all aside, insisting for room and concentration.

All around, the junk has multiplied to unbelievable levels of dirt and, facing them, a planet is threatening to suck them in on its pathway, with Spinostress, Colonel Loga and many a policeman and a box preceding their steps, leading the way.  Already, the Captain can see Spinostress’s furious eyes searching for his soul, wanting nothing more than revenge and claiming Labaguette as hers once more.

“Where’s the Insatiable Princess?” the Captain asks.

“What can’t be seen might as well be,” Birdseye maintains.

“Give up the pretentious riddles, will ya?” the Captain adds, “where is she?”

“Behind RythmaRymosthesis, trying as hard as she can to shield herself from the wind and hoping for a last minute miracle.”

“We’re no better off than a second earlier,” the King remarks.

“I wanna live,” Labaguette says.

“Let me pluck your feathers,” Birdseye says, “it’s the only way.”

“It could kill me,” Labaguette says.

“You only need humility.  Come if you want to live, bird,” Birdseye insists.

“I will lose all sense of direction.”

To be continued…


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