“Your independence or the lack of direction and slavery?”

“Get your feathers plucked and I won’t try to do it myself!” the Captain commands.

“What is the point?” the King asks pointing at the imminent danger of the humongous approaching planet.

There, three monkeys weave white ropes of a kind around the edge of a bin bag as a plant man and a dirt collecting creature hold it wide open.  Then, the monkeys stretch the rope as far as the three corners of this Universe (some Universes are triangular in shape), extending the opening of the bag much like a gigantic mouth ready to suck all that comes onto its path.

“This can’t possibly work,” the Captain mutters.

Just then, a flock of books flying past with loose pages in their billions join the mounds of rubbish being pulled by a magnet, unable to discriminate between that pull and that of a gapping black hole opened by the bin bag.

Loose pages hit them in the face.

“AIE, AIE, AIE!” Labaguette cries as Birdseye is pulling the sensitive wings feathers where his GPS and sensors are located.

“Salvage what you can from the books,” Birdseye says.

“Save me, save my ship,” the Captain says looking desperately for a place to hide.

“STEP BACK AND STAY BEHIND US!” CollectOrus yells, as the winds of wrath are now blowing the strength and will from all who come onto their path.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU FOOLS?” the Captain yells back, in a state of confusion.

“The bag is diagonally perpendicular to the magnet,” Birdseye says, “in the exact position.”

SHUUUUUUT UUUUUUP!” the two leading creatures scream struggling to hold the bag, as if a whole world could be shoved inside it.

To be continued…



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