Then, as Spinostress and Colonel Loga’s approach is about to irredeemably affect them all for the worse, the preying cosmic winds exert their pull against all creatures’ and objects’ will towards the open bag and soon, Spinostress, Colonel Loga along with their policemen and boxes disintegrate into infinitely insignificant particles of dust that vanish inside the bin bag.  Following at a short distance behind them, the colossal RythmaRymosthesis rapidly dwindles and each and every particle of its grounds, giant snake-worms, castles, inhabitants (and this includes its Rum River), barrels and volcanoes dissolve, sucked into a small hungry rubbish bag with a big mouth.

“ON MY COMMAND, RELEASE THE ROPES!” CollectOrus orders and as the ropes come back flapping, untamed, CollectOrus and Chloroph seal the bag with a professional knot before releasing it, letting the indomitable magnet’s pull fulfil its purpose.

The three monkeys, swiftly catch the loose ropes, throw them towards the Insatiable Princess to stir it from the remnants of a pathway that just saw a whole world sucked into a bin bag before she too turns to dust into a somewhere that is nowhere.

There, flying books and pages are dispersing all around as they fall into oblivion or onto the Insatiable Princess.

“Have I truly escaped?” Labaguette enquires, shivering.

“You’ll be all right.” Birdseye says.

“Have WE truly escaped?” the Captain insists, examining his ship, ensuring this is the Insatiable Princess and not some reconstituted preparation born out of Chlroph’s concoctions.

“Is this it?” the King asks, “back to square one with more pages to read.  Looks like pages from the Planet of Books have been allocated the garbage status.”

To be continued…



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