“No, no, no, no, nooooo!” Chloroph exclaims as the other boxes holding the platform together swiftly separate one by one to follow their pal to its fate and be gulped inside the Hook and, caught in the bizarre circumstances, in a dangerous act of bravado, Chloroph attempts to catch an unguarded CollectOrus with one arm as he falls inside the Hook, only to lose balance too and become trapped by its pull.

“Get out of—”

are the last words the Captain and his crew hear before Birdseye catches the floating, burping Hook, zips it securely and throws it into the darkness deep into oblivion.

“For good,” Birdseye says.

“Is that all there is to it?” Labaguette wonders aloud.

“My crown?” the King insists as the Monkeys unfold all the sails, perching on the mast high above.

“Shut up, we lost two weird but useful creatures!” Labaguette says, hopping on the deck, proudly displaying two of Birdseye’s majestic feathers planted on his bare wings.

“Time to move on” Captain Traumatic says, “let’s get out of this hell hole!”

In a second or less, depending on how you look at it, and it may be an eternity to some, the Insatiable Princess travels as far away as to get somewhere, anywhere that is inaccessible to filth, space junk and dead ends.  It is a new dawn for her and her crew and the bright inviting horizon line propels them far, far and away in no time, no time at all.  Soon, they are far and beyond and Labaguette is growing a silky, smooth and thin coat of feathers.  Soon, they enter a shadowy realm made of haze, mist and fogs of varying thickness, structure, shades and colours.

“Do I smell smoke?” the Captain asks.

To be continued…


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