“No fire,” Birdseye says.

“It stinks,” Labaguette adds.

“Tis’ smoke,” the King remarks, as the Monkeys scamper down the masts and into the hull.

“More than that,” Labaguette adds, “food, burnt caramelised food.”

Deep into the dark evolving and twirling mist they distinguish a multitude of tiny fires burning over a large surface far below under the ship.

“Tis’ a new world,” the King says.

Then, in big flashing neon lines, a giant signs by the side of the ships flashes:


“Of little means,” the Captain says, “they’ve nothing.  They can’t fight.”

And another sign:


“We’ve got Rum?” Labaguette wonders aloud.

“Pirates, we don’t trade,” Captain Traumatic adds.

But the Insatiable Princess shudders and comes to an abrupt halt as it becomes stuck between two giant metallic towers spurting brown hot liquid into the empty space.

“Didn’t you read the signs?” a voice asks, coming from one of the towers.

“It’s poor sign management,” the King answers, “the warning should have been posted much earlier.”

“Oh Shit!” the white and gold foam creature at its post on the Tower exclaims, “Brombsky, wake up for God’s sake!”

Then, the creature opens a small tap by the side of the tower, pours a dark liquid into a tiny cup and takes the side path to the other tower and pours the liquid into the mouth of his snoring mate who wakes up and, upon looking at the ship and her crew exclaims:

“Rogue fucking traders, PASS YOU WAY, can’t you read?”

“Rather a wild guess,” the Captain retorts.

“It usually works,” Brombsky says.

“My ship is stuck between your towers,” the Captain continues.

“It’s your fault.”

“Shotsky!” Brombsky commands, “check out their vehicle while I widen the gate!”

To be continued…


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