“Here…” Bromsky repeats, “yeah, here!” he continues handing a cup of coffee to the Captain, “taste this and come visit us.”

“I know all about dark necessities,” the Captain says.

“Wipe that look of suspicion off your face!” Shotsky insists, presenting the Captain with another cup covered in foam, “here’s one not so dark to please your… hmmm, pure soul’.

“What’s that?” the Captain asks.

“Coffee, another version of it.  His or mine?”

“Can’t be, it—”

“—LET ME OUT!  LET ME OUT!” Labaguette screams from inside the Captain’s jacket and, understanding his bird’s needs to explore and experiment all things new, as well as wanting nothing more than a rest from his pest, the Captain releases his two feathers parrot.

“My!  Oh My…” Bromsky says.

“You’re abjectly ugly,” Shotsky remarks, “wonder why it didn’t struck me before.”

“’You sure is ugly’s’ would have been enough,” Labaguette remarks unfazed by their look of disgust as he plunges into Shotsky’s cup, splashing himself with cappuccino froth and a lukewarm combination of milk and coffee, singing while settling himself onto a comfortable bed of foam.

“Aaaah, I remember life outside his bloody fetid pocket!” Labaguette says, eyeing the Captain, “caffeine, full of anti-oxidants, it encourages one’s feathers’ regrowth.  Coffee today, tomorrow with froth on top, the future of designers’ coffees with all its perks and percolatory advantages.  I call it ‘froth, foam and fools.’”

“Is that creature for real?” Bromsky asks.

“What a waste,” Shotsky remarks, pinching Labaguette by his bum – (remember, there’s barely a feather left on the damned bird except for the two Birdseye let him borrow) – and, lifting him in the air before looking right into the parrots eyes: “you sure is ugly,” he adds, “you sure could do with sealing foam around you.”

To be continued…


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