“Tell me foamy friend, what did you look like before?”

“Before what?”

“Before this.  Before the after, you know?”

“I was—”

“—Shotsky,” Bromsky says, secrets are—”

“—I sure was as ugly as you, ain’t that enough?”

“What’s the best way to wear the stuff, Shotsky?” Labaguette continues, unphazed.

“Swimming in it isn’t enough, you need to bask in it.”


“—basking involves heat.  It’s a process.  One more reason for your lot to visit this planet.  It’ll bring peace of mind to all of you.”

Captain Traumatic finally nods his approval, embarrassed at having released Labaguette yet knowing that foam might remove the underlying resentment his bird suffers from and which pervades everything he says more than ever before:

“All aboard!” the Captain yells in spite of the empty space surrounding them, “Straight to Coffeediotic & Butts Galore, now!”

“Now what?” the King wonders aloud as he recovers his clean crown, snatching it from Birdseye’s head.

There, in the midst of a universe shrouded in mystery encompassing many a hidden world, the contours of a hazy, dark and ginormous planet is observed.  This is where coffee, cigarette butts, foam creatures and creatures yet unseen abound and this is where the Insatiable Princess powers through, tearing smoky fogs apart with a thirst for discovering new worlds she has never experienced and as one eager to leave her past behind.

“We’ve a lukewarm lake where she may park,” Bromsky says reassuringly, a well-intended host.

“Cold will do,” the Captain says.

“We’ve only lukewarm, warm or hot,” Shotsky insists.

To be continued…


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