Time has ran out for Bromsky because he too has thoughtlessly, mechanically and almost simultaneously brought the remnant of his burning cigarette butt to his moist and sweetened lips: Bromsky bursts into flames before his ashes fall lightly, much like greyed snowflakes, onto the two remaining friends, the sound of his last words echoing into Labaguette and the Captain’s minds:

“Hasta La Vista Baby!  Hasta La Vista Baby!  Hasta La Vista Baby!”

“It means ‘we’ll be back’ in Russian,” the Captain explains.

“D’you think they mean it?” Labaguette asks.

All around them, incandescent ashes float in the air for a few more seconds.  Then, as the ashes spread over the foam cauldron and its surroundings, sparks ignite, bits explode and flames run amok until everything burns flamboyantly and menacingly.

“Damn!” Labaguette says.

With no time to waste, the Captain shoves the parrot inside his jacket’s pocket and runs towards his beloved ship where Birdseye, the King and the Monkeys await them, ready for lift off.

As he boards the Insatiable Princess, Captain Traumatic stares penetratingly into Birdseye’s goggles.

“Why didn’t you stop us if you knew?” he asks.

“I warned you.”


“Got the King to help.”

“Call that a warning?”

“We’d better head off now!”

“Not so fast mate, next time there’s—”

“—NOW IS THE NEW NEXT TIME!” Birdseye screams, his goggle faintly fluorescing in terror.

A ginormous explosion is heard at a short distance behind them and the entire planet engulfs in flames with some licking the ship’s hull.

And so, with one click of the fingers, off goes the Insatiable Princess, her sails blown by the smoky and coffee laden winds.

To be continued…


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